Friday, 12 September 2014

Art of the Cover - Ty Segall's "Manipulator" (2014)

Nice psych- tinged artwork adorns the brand new album from Ty Segall - the hardest working man in indie rock!

His  seventh studio album Manipulator took a full 14 months to complete - the equivalent of a decade in Segall years!

Yap, instead of churning out an album every fortnight - as had been his wont - Ty took his time over this one, and it shows.

He also moved away from using Lowest-Fi - Low-Fi production values. Now, instead of walls of fuzzy feedback and pedal tricks, you can actually hear all the guitar notes and all the lyrics!

The result is this epic (clocking in at 56 minutes - the equivalent of 10 hours in Segall years) masterpiece of garage / psych / pop - easily his best and most cohesive album to date.

Click the link and get it NOWWW!


Manipulator 3:09
Tall Man Skinny Lady 4:02
The Singer 4:15
It's Over 3:00
Feel 4:15
The Faker 4:07
The Clock 2:52
Green Belly 2:32
The Connection Man 2:17
Mister Main 2:47
The Hand 4:43
Susie Thumb 2:29
Don't You Want To Know? (Sue) 2:34
The Crawler 2:24
Who's Producing You? 2:53
The Feels 3:08
Stick Around 4:33

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