Thursday, 18 September 2014

Art of the Cover - Smoov-E's "Funked Her First" (2014)

Whole Lotta Freakin' Going On .. indeed!

Straight from the R. E. A. L. Records sweatshop, I Funked Her First exposes listeners to the promiscuous exploits of one the Bay Area's most prolific rap artists, and gives new meaning to the word demeaning. Over indulgent and distasteful as ever, Smoov-E hits you with 13 new tracks of Funk infused mega music.

Do the names Roger & Zapp, George Clinton or Herbie Hancock ring a bell? I Funked Her First combines the drum machines and bass synthesizers of the 80's with today's Rap swag.

Featuring two guest appearances by Bay Area rap legend Andre Nickatina as well as Clyde Carson, A.N.T. DOG, Jackpot, Pat Rich, and Count Salaz. Smoov-E does it again, with another racy masterpiece that is sure to leave you feeling a bit violated, and totally satisfied.

Smoov-e amazes me again, his "theme" albums are true to the styles that he conveys.. this one of course being funky.. like zapp and roger/parliament style beats with Smoov-e's signature sexual raps.. up there with his great Larry Dallas album.
By Jeremy M


1 Whole Lotta Freakin' Going On 4:56
feat. Andre Nickatina & Tim Parker

2 I Funked Her First 4:43
feat. Tim Parker, Count Salaz, Pat-Rich, Jackpot

3 Bump This 3:14
feat. Pat-Rich, Bijou, Escabo

4 Cold Martini 3:53
feat. Count Salaz & MUMBLS

5 Oh so Dirty 3:36
feat. Escabo

6 What's It Gonna Be? 2:54
feat. Clyde Carson

7 Stop the Car 3:17
feat. Andre Nickatina

8 Funkin' off My High 4:23
feat. Tim Parker, Count Salaz, Pat-Rich, Jackpot

9 Talkin' Player S**t 4:10
feat. Ant Dog

10 Get Up 4:09
feat. Count Salaz & Pat-Rich

11 What You Need to Know 3:32

12 I Spilled My Drink 4:13
feat. MUMBLS & Snagglepuss

13 I Drive an Automatic 3:18
feat. Pat-Rich

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