Friday, 19 September 2014

Art of the Cover - The Pretty People's "The Pretty People" (1969)

 Wow ... that's so fucking trippy, mannnnnnnn!!!

The Pretty People were a Southern Californian pop group that consisted of Milo Peerpont (lead vocalist), Denny Gore (conductor-piano-vocal and musical director), Pat Britt (flute -saxophone-musical arranger), Judy Morss (vocalist), Lynseed Lavender (vocalist), Manzo Hill (saxophone-vocalist), and Steve Venem (vocalist).

The group was also backed by musicians Mike Anthony (guitar), Mike Barone (trombone), Danny Bryant (harmonica), Jay Daversa (trumpet), Jim Gannon (bass), and Bobby Morin (drums).

This is a very rare and sought-after one-off harmony sunshine pop album featuring all original songs written by Denny Gore and Bobby Adano -- a must for fans of lush harmony sunshine pop a la The Free Design, Association, or any of the Curt Boettcher produced bands.  


Just For Today
Bobby’s Thing
Merry Go Round Of Love
80 Lower Pike
Goin’ To San Diego
Hard Luck Stories
Goin’ Home
Love Can Be Mine
Song Rider
Lady Melinda
Relax And Spend The Night

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