Friday, 12 September 2014

Art of the Cover - Paul Banks' "Julian Plenti Lives" (2012)

Real nice artwork adorns the delightful second solo collection from Interpol frontman Banksy - the second under his Julian Plenti alter-ego.

Art Direction and photography was by Paul himself. gave the album 4/5 and described it as "An ambitious attempt to give Banks his individuality back." then going on to say "Interpol may take most of the plaudits in his career but it’s Julian Plenti who reveals the true Paul Banks."

The songs are expertly crafted with lots of tiny detail. The new songs that Banks writes are a treat. One great thing about Banks' work, solo and with Interpol is that he's not too inhibited, he seems to feel free to just let it all flop around, and he's unafraid to reach for the heights. 
Summertime is Coming is grand. That alone is worth the purchase price. 
The covers are really interesting. There's a cover from the soundtrack to the Arnold Schwartznegger movie Running Man, a cover of a J Dilla instrumental, and the weirdest song I've ever heard a cover of Frank Sinatra. It's almost Robert Goulet in its brilliance, a Las Vegas lounge lizard that he hints at in his Julian Plenti persona, it's grand and weird, taut and intricate, a great EP.
By totally dude 

01. Perimeter Deactivated (04:19)
02. Summertime Is Coming (04:35)
03. Mythsysizer (01:47)
04. I’m A Fool To Want You (02:44)
05. Cavern Worship (04:38)

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