Friday, 5 September 2014

Art Of The Cover - Oh Mercy's "Deep Heat" (2012)

Melbourne’s Oh Mercy somehow managed to follow-up the Ken Done nude painting that graced the cover of their previous LP, Great Barrier Grief.

They did so with a hyper-real photograph snapped by another iconic Australian artist, the late photographer Rennie Ellis.

Oh Mercy singer Alexander Gow said Ellis’ striking photo of a scene at carnival in Brazil was a no-brainer, especially for an album called Deep Heat. 
“Depicting a semi-nude woman surrounded by men in gold space suits playing the tambourines? It was an easy decision,” he said.

Gow said the cover continues the band’s concept for their first two records, Great Barrier Grief and debut Privileged Woes, which both depict females on the cover who had nothing to do with the record itself.

“I have always admired the work of Rennie Ellis,” Gow said. “I (ingloriously) studied photography at the Victorian College Of The Arts for a year and Rennie was a hero of mine. His studio is a supporter of the arts, especially Melbourne artists, and were generous enough to allow us to feature this shot on our cover.”

Oh Mercy’s "Deep Heat", was recorded at the Family Farm studio in Portland with producer Burke Reid (Jack Ladder, The Drones).

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