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Art of the Cover - Lush's "Gala" (1990)

Gorgeous artwork.

And some lovely Lushy music here from Miki and the gang.

A Cocteau Twins-tastic collection!

Evocative, atmospheric, esoteric, terrific!


Gala was the debut album by Lush, which and released in the US on November 13, 1990. 

The album was released as an introduction to the US and Japanese markets.  

The collection comprised the band's first three EPs plus two new tracks.

The compilation was also released by 4AD in the UK.


1. "Sweetness and Light" Anderson 5:19
2. "Sunbathing" Anderson 3:09
3. "Breeze" Anderson, Berenyi 2:48
4. "De-Luxe" Anderson 3:31
5. "Leaves Me Cold" Berenyi 2:56
6. "Downer" Anderson 2:41
7. "Thoughtforms" (Second Version) Anderson 2:45
8. "Baby Talk" Berenyi 2:18
9. "Thoughtforms" (Original Version) Anderson 2:45
10. "Scarlet" (Original Version) Anderson, Berenyi 3:27
11. "Bitter" Berenyi 2:02
12. "Second Sight" Berenyi 2:40
13. "Etheriel" Anderson, Berenyi 3:25
14. "Hey Hey Helen" Andersson, Ulvaeus 2:29
15. "Scarlet" (Longer Version) Anderson, Berenyi 3:55


The EPs and tracks that make up the album are:

Sweetness and Light EP
Tracks 1, 2, and 3: released 15 October 1990
Produced by Tim Friese-Greene
Engineered by Ed Buller
Recorded at The Greenhouse, London, and mixed at Wessex Sound Studios, London, August 1990
Mad Love EP
Tracks 4, 5, 6, and 7: released 26 February 1990
Produced by Robin Guthrie
Engineered by Lincoln Fong and Robin Guthrie
Recorded at September Sound and The Church Studio, London, December 1989
Scar mini-album
Tracks 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13: released 9 October 1989
Produced by Lush and John Fryer
Engineered by John Fryer
Recorded at Blackwing Studios, London, July 1989"
Hey Hey Helen"
Track 14: previously unreleased
Produced by Robin Guthrie
Engineered by Guy Fixsen and Robin Guthrie
Recorded at First Protocol and September Sound, London, February 1990"
Scarlet" (Longer Version)
Track 15: previously released as part of Gigantic! 2, a CD available via Melody Maker newspaper, April 1990
Produced and engineered by Robin Guthrie
Recorded at September Sound, London, April 1990

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