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Art of the Cover - Lucinda Williams' "Where The Spirit Meets The Bone" (2014)


Wonderful vibrant artwork adorns the great new double-album from the godmother of Alt-country /Americana, Lucinda Williams.

The photos are by Birney Imes from his book “Juke Joint”. 

“Juke Joint” is the same book that provided the cover for “Car Wheels On A Gravel Road”, as well as the photo that inspired the song “2 Kool 2 Be Forgotten”.

Unexpectedly ending one of her multi-year silences with a double album, Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone is Lucinda's most ambitious release to date and finds her tapping deep into her southern roots and heritage for this double album.

She's sure got a big batch of new stuff - in interviews, she says she recorded many more than the 20 songs included here and feels they form a unified statement.

Of the Album Williams says .... 
“I didn’t set out to do a whole album of country-soul, but once I started working, a stylistic thread kind of emerged,” she says. “It’s a sound I can relate to, one that’s really immediate and really timeless at the same time — kind of sad in an indefinable way. It’s like something my dad said to me many years ago, something I wrote down and included in my song “Temporary Nature (Of Any Precious Thing)” because it was so profound to me — ‘the saddest joys are the richest ones.’ I think that fits this album really well.”
This is a personal milestone for Williams as it marks the first time she has composed music for one of her father’s poems, and it is from that song that the album title was taken.

The album also features a cover of JJ Cale’s “Magnolia.”

“Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone” features performances by an array of acclaimed artists including guitarists Bill Frisell and Tony Joe White, Faces keyboardist Ian McLagan, Elvis Costello’s rhythm section of Pete Thomas (drums) and Davey Faragaher (bass) and Wallflowers guitarist Stuart Mathis. 

Jakob Dylan adds harmony vocals on “It’s Gonna Rain” while Williams’ longtime rhythm section of Butch Norton (drums) and David Sutton (bass) also contribute.

The twenty + songs were recorded off and on between September of 2013 through March of 2014.

Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone was produced by Tom Overby, Greg Leisz and Lucinda Williams. It was recorded and mixed by Dave Bianco and mastered by Joe Gastwirt.

She's always been able to conjure brokenhearted misery from a single note; now, she can ramp up to fury that quickly, too. And resignation. And let's face it: In terms of pure expression, no singer in popular music can touch Williams when she's calling from the lonely outskirts of Despairville. She sounds like it's her permanent residence, that place down deep where the spirit meets the bone. 


CD 1

01 – Compassion

02 – Protection

03 – Burning Bridges

04 – East Side of Town

05 – West Memphis

06 – Cold Day in Hell

07 – Foolishness

08 – Wrong Number

09 – Stand Right by Each Other

10 – It’s Gonna Rain

CD 2

01 – Something Wicked This Way Comes

02 – Big Mess

03 – When I Look at the World

04 – Walk On

05 – Temporary Nature (Of Any Precious Thing)

06 – Everything but the Truth

07 – This Old Heartache

08 – Stowaway in Your Heart

09 – One More Day

10 – Magnolia

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