Sunday, 14 September 2014

Art of the Cover - Kristeen Young's "The Knife Shift" (2014)

This chick seems having a bit of a bad hair day!

Yap, it's the recent 'The Knife Shift' by the "edgy, intense and rocking" (WNYC), and "aggressively adventurous" (LA Weekly) New York keyboardist, songwriter and vocalist, Kristeen Young.

And it features a ditty about super-nasty porno doll Sasha Grey!

'The Knife Shift' follows the release of Young's 'V the Volcanic' EP, which The Village Voice called "her best work to date."

Her previous album, 'Music for Strippers, Hookers, & the Odd On-Looker' featured a guest appearance by Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump.

'The Knife Shift,' is co-produced by the legendary Tony Visconti (David Bowie's 'The Next Day' etc.) and features some guy called  Dave Grohl, who plays drums on the entire album and guitar on five songs.

Grohl has praised both the record and Kristeen Young stating;
"I love this record. It's unlike anything I've done before. Piano, drums, bass, and guitar. That's it. It's bare, but very deep. Raw, but melodically complex. I love Kristeen. So much. I've never met anyone like her. Neither have you."

Young was handpicked by Morrissey to open 26 concerts earlier this year.

Morrissey has become enamored of Young and the two have developed an on-going show partnership with Young opening for him on several tours since 2006.

In his recent best selling autobiography, Morrissey wrote of her: 
"Everything about this singer is new. The solid fixity of her presentation is as striking as having a safe drop on your head from a tenth-floor window."
An Mozza should know - he's regularly had a safe drop on his head!

However, the relationship recently took a turn for the worse recently when Mozz blamed Young for "making him sick", thus forcing the tour's cancellation!


01 – This is War
02 – Pearl of a Girl
03 – The Pictures of Sasha Grey
04 – I’ll Show You
05 – Jealous of Loved Children
06 – Rough Up the Groove
07 – The Answer To All Your Problems Is In This Little Bottle
08 – Everything Is Mine Because I Am Poor
09 – Red
10 – Put Down
11 – Then I Screamed

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