Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Art of the Cover - Julian Casablancas & The Voidz "Tyranny" (2014)

Some interesting artwork adorns the eagerly awaited album from Strokes frontman and his mates - the Richard Hell saluting Voidz - drops September 23, 2014.

Julian Casablancas is widely regarded as one of the most distinctive artistic voices of his generation, both literally and figuratively. He is in the rare company of a small and very select group of artists that have been able to achieve mass levels of international popularity, while maintaining the highest standards of artistic integrity and respect among peers. Through his groundbreaking work with The Strokes in 2001, to his first solo album, Phrazes for the Young in 2009, to his recent Grammy- winning collaboration with Daft Punk, Julian remains a musical visionary and creative force.

Over the past four years, Julian Casablancas & The Voidz -  a punk band that can play any style of music andwho take pride in their versatility have come together through music connections and friends in NYC and LA via their love of beat driven, aggressive and avant-garde music with the power of modern harmonies to make it catchy and powerful.

Yap, having moved upstate, the Strokes frontman is now backed by Jeramy Gritter and Amir Yaghmai on guitar, Jeff Kite on keys, Jake Bercovici on bass and Alex Carapetis on drums and together, they are ready to drop this incredibly eclectic new album, simply titled Tyranny.  

"Tyranny has come in many forms throughout history," Casablancas said in a statement, explaining the title. "Now, the good of business is put above anything else, as corporations have become the new ruling body. Most decisions seem to be made like ones of a medieval king: Whatever makes profit while ignoring and repressing the truth about whatever suffering it may cause (like pop music, for that matter)."


01 – Take Me In Your Army
02 – Crunch Punch
03 – M.Utually A.Ssured D.Estruction
04 – Human Sadness
05 – Where No Eagles Fly
06 – Father Electricity
07 – Johan Von Bronx
08 – Business Dog
09 – Xerox
10 – Dare I Care
11 – Nintendo Blood
12 – Off To War…

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