Thursday, 12 February 2015

Art Of The Cover - The Fall's "Sir William Wray" (2013)

Some typically eccentric artwork adorns this limited edition single.

Created by Mark E. Smith himself, I believe. Else some psychotic kid at the local kindergarten for so-called "special children"!

"Sir William Wray" song was the lead  for Re-Mit, the 30th album (yes that number is fucking thirty!) by seminal post-punk Manchester outfit, The Fall, released on Cherry Red Records.
"Sir William Wray", was released in a special limited edition version for Record Store Day.

Said single contains the alternative versions of the album tracks "Sir William Wray" and "Hittite Man," as well as the song "Jetplane"" which was exclusive to this release.

"Sir William Wray" was limited to just 1,500 copies worldwide.

The ever changing line-up of the band here, of course, features the oddball/genius (flip  a coin to decide which!) that is Mark E. Smith  on lead, erm, "vocals" (using that term very, very, very, loosely).

Meanwhile, this time, the remaining band members are ...

- Peter Greenway ... who, as well as directing poncy, post-modern, pseudo-intellectual, bullshit movies, plays lead guitar!
- Keiron Melling on drums,
- David Spurr slapping da bass, and
- the lovely Elena Poulou (yet another in a long line of uber-hot babe band members) on keyboards and vocals.

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