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Art of the Cover - Emilie Autumn's "Fight Like a Girl" (2012)

Good goth!

Yap, Autumn - and the twins - are back!

Fight Like a Girl is the third studio album by idiosyncratic, violin blasting, musician/ artist Emilie Autumn.

Fight Like a Girl is a concept album, based around her acclaimed book The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls and her own difficult personal experiences.

If you are a fan of Autumn's and knew her from the "Opheliac" album, you will be blown away by this. The clesest I can come to describing the sensation of this album is to borrow a phrase from William Gibson: it is like jacking straight across into her brain. 
The music is a mix of raw emotion, savage imagery and classically arranged musical scores. Kudus too must be given to the recording studio and engineers for producing one of the best mixes I've heard. 
I can't review all the tracks, I'm still digesting some, but here are some highlights: 
"Take The Pill": a severe criticism of the medical profession and their treatment of people with mental problems . . . some of which may be induced by the very meds being pushed on the person. All I can say is WOW! Think Randall P. McMurphy in female form in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest ". 
"Girls! Girls! Girls!": EA says she is working on a Broadway show. If you can't imagine her doing one, just listen to this. Classic Broadway sound with classic EA Asylum images and another indictment of what happens to people on the inside. 

"Scavenger" and "Gaslight": it is hard for me to separate these two. All I can say is my insides were ripped out, turned inside out and stuffed back in. This comes the closest to the "Kings of Sleep" experience Gibson wrote about. 
Emilie Autumn's vocals are incredible and she has a vocal range that is unrivaled. She can pack more anger into a single song than some artists can in an entire album, yet she can sing operatically sweet. She can also be as raw as Janis Joplin at her lowest. Her backup singers are an excellent background for her voice. Lyrically, the album is not for the faint of heart. Once you get past the impact and pay attention to the lyrics, you will find multilayer messages in each story. Truly wonderful! 
If you can handle it, get this album!
by Mitchell Small

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