Saturday, 6 September 2014

Art of the Cover - Emarosa's "Versus" (2014)


Yap, it's the beautiful minimalist artwork to the third studio album from post hardcore outfit Emarosa.

After two acclaimed albums, the band parted ways with their erratic yet talented lead singer, Jonny Craig in 2011. However, the process of finding a new vocalist that fit the band’s sound proved to be far more difficult than the band initially expected, and it would be more than three years before the band finally completed their new record, Versus.

Along the way, they found something special in the form of Bradley Walden, of Michigan-based Squid the Whale. His classic soul-leaning vocals provided something new to the band, without straying too far from their previous sound.

Walden’s presence is far from the only thing that has changed on Versus. Along with the band’s new frontman comes several changes to their sound, as they move away from post hardcore into a more soulful, alternative rock direction.

"Versus" drops September 9, 2014.

The LP features Letlive's vocalist Jason Aalon Butler on guest vocals. 


01 – People Like Me, We Just Don’t Play
02 – American Deja Vu
03 – A Hundred Crowns
04 – I’ll Just Wait
05 – But You Won’t Love a Ghost
06 – Say Hello to the Bad Guy
07 – Cliff Notes
08 – Mad
09 – Gold Dust
10 – Same Tight Rope
11 – 1996 on Bevard

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