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Art of the Cover - The Brilliant Corners' "Heart on Your Sleeve: Decade in Pop 1983 - 1993" (2013)

The Brilliant Corners might just have been the best band out of Bristol during the 1980s.

Taking their name from a Thelonious Monk jazz album, they issued ten singles, five albums and various compilations between 1983 and 1993. Many of these tracks made the Indie Chart, from early efforts with hints of psychobilly and The Cramps to more melodic, C86-flavoured tracks (think The Smiths and The Housemartins) and later tracks with a hint of shoegazer and baggy about them.

In Davey Woodward, The Brilliant Corners were fronted by a handsome, charismatic singer who was also a talented songwriter – and Woodward has cooperated with this long-overdue anthology, helping with the selecting the tracks and supplying the wonderful sleeve-notes.

"Heart on Your Sleeve..." is the most authoritative Brilliant Corners collection to date, boasting all their singles on the SS20 and McQueen labels plus numerous tracks which have never before been on CD and a handful of previously unissued demos and live tracks.


Disc One

1. She's Got Fever
2. Black Water
3. Big Hip
4. Tangled Up In Blue
5. My Baby In Black
6. Sixteen Years
7. Rope In My Hand
8. Meet Me On Tuesdays
9. The Funniest Thing
10. Everything I Ever Wanted
11. Jim's Room
12. Brian Rix
13. Trudy Is A Squeel
14. Delilah Sands
15. Is There Anybody Home
16. Please Please Please
17. Drive My Car
18. The Good’s Gone
19. Faithful Lips (Unreleased Demo)
20. Bluebell (Unreleased Demo)
21. Love (Unreleased)
22. Some Heart (Unreleased)
23. Delilah Sands (Alternative Version)
24. Ghost Of A Girl
25. Meet Me On Tuesdays (Folk Version)

Disc Two

1. Teenage
2. I Don't Want To Talk To You
3. How Embarrassing To Dance Like That
4. Why Do You Have To Go Out
With Him When You Could Go Out With Me? (12” Version)
5. Shangri La
6. Things Will Get Better
7. Goodbye
8. Love It, I Lost It (12” Version)
9. White Gates
10. I Cried
11. Loves Like This
12. The Pope, The Monkey And The Queen
13. Ghost Of A Young Man
14. When The Blossom Falls
15. Silias
16. Under The Bridge
17. Get It Up
18. Not The Boy (Live)
19. I Bet She’s Gonna Go (Live)
20. Everything I Ever Wanted (Live)
21. Meet Me On Tuesdays (Unreleased Live)
22. Julie (Unreleased Live)
23. I’ll Never Be The One To Break Your Heart  (Unreleased Live)

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