Thursday, 18 September 2014

Art of the Cover - Bleached's "For The Feel" (2014)

Simply asstounding!

Bleached is the newish project from former Mika Miko members - and sisters - Jennifer and Jessie Clavin. Similarities between Mika Miko and Bleached are easy to spot but, instead of carrying the riot grrrl torch that their former band was so well known for, Bleached are more focused on vintage pop/garage rock sensibilities. 

Now, after spending a year touring the US and abroad, the Clavin Sisters have settled back into their LA digs long enough to bestow upon us a few more nuggets of dirty, blissed out hits.

JenniferClavin had this to say about the title track ...
 "For The Feel is a song we originally wrote for our full length but it didn't sound right once recorded so we held off on putting it on the record. Finally when it came down to recording it again we were really inspired by the sound of The Kinks ... we even used The Kinks amp. I'm really glad we waited to release this song because now it's perfect."

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