Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Video - The Wallflowers' "6th Ave. Heartache"

the same black line that was drawn on you was drawn on me ...

It's Jakob and the boys with "6th Ave. Heartache" - the first single from their fine 1996 album Bringing Down the Horse.

A very evocative song featuring beautiful melodies, the song opens with a wonderful swirling organ riff that's somewhat reminiscent of Al Kooper's keyboard flourishes in Bob's classic "Like a Rolling Stone""

Dylan wrote the song when he was eighteen years old and considers it the first real song he's written. 

The lyrics are based on Dylan's own experiences while living in New York.

Jakob has said the song was inspired by a homeless guy that played guitar on the doorsteps of a building across the street from where he lived. He said that he related to that homeless guy in the sense that, even with the obvious social class differences, they both lived through their music  ... "Below me was a homeless man. I'm singin' songs I knew complete on the steps alone, his guitar in hand"

The homeless man later disappeared from the doorsteps but left all his stuff ... "Look out the window, down upon that street and gone like a midnight was that man but I see his six strings laid against that wall and all his things, they all look so small".

Gradually, people started taking his stuff. And very soon he was totally forgotten.

Just like Jakob, the homeless man moved on with his life, but he hopes that the stranger is doing well wherever he is.

Mike Campbell from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers played the slide guitar on the song, though he recorded the track in his own studio, and never even met the band members. Adam Duritz from Counting Crows contributed backing vocals.

"6th Ave. Heartache" was meant to go on their self-titled first album, but the record company would not allow it. 

The nice performance based video - shot in New York of course -  was directed by David Fincher.

Yeah, the Fincher from flicks like Se7en and Fight Club.

Hey, isn't that Jon Lovitz knocking out the gags at the start?! ... Whatever happened that guy?

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