Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Music - Brand New Leonard Cohen Song “Almost Like The Blues”

I have to die a little between each murderous plot

Living legend Leonard Cohen has confirmed details of his forthcoming new album, Popular Problems

The album will be released on September 22, a day after Lenny's 80th birthday. 

Popular Problems is Cohen's 13th studio album. 

The album was produced by Patrick Leonard, mastered at Marcussen Mastering and was recorded and mixed by Jesse E. String with additional mixing by Bill Bottrell.

Those who pre-order Popular Problems digitally will receive an instant download of his new song, “Almost Like The Blues”. 

“Almost Like The Blues” is a dark (well it is Cohen!) yet beautiful mediation on death, counterpointing horrific incidents of mass murders and his own mortality - a common them in much of his recent releases (well, the guy is 80 years old!).

A self-deprecating song and - as always - one not without humour with lines like "my father says I’m chosen - my mother says I’m not"!

You can hear “Almost Like The Blues” below.  

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