Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Art of the Poster - Takashi Ishii 's "Black Angel Complete" {aka "Kuro No Tenshi"}

A ruthless Yakuza kingpin who rose to the top by murdering his predecessor and marrying the man's daughter is pursued by a mysterious, deadly woman. Who is the "Black Angel" (1997), and what is her link to the crime boss's wife? Find out in this explosive Japanese actioner. 
Riona Hazuki, Miyuki Ono and Jinpachi Nezu star.  
Then, deadly hit woman Mayo returns, sent to eliminate a top syndicate leader, in "Black Angel 2" (1998). The job turns personal when Mayo learns the mobster's bodyguard is an old flame who saved her from an assault years earlier. 
Yuki Amami and Yozaburo Ito star. 
A total of 197 min. over two discs. 
Widescreen (Enhanced); 
Soundtracks: Japanese Dolby Digital stereo, English Dolby Digital stereo. In Japanese with English subtitles/Dubbed in English.

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