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Art of the Cover - Nico's "Desertshore" (1970)

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.

-- Revelation 6:8

Pale Rider ... indeed!

Yap, our favourite, German, goth-queen here gets booted-up and takes a trip across some bleak, deserted Mongolian plain on a pale horse, led by some sort of uniform wearing, horse whispering midget.

It's Desertshore, the wonderful third studio album by Nico, released in December 1970, through the Reprise record label.

The back and front covers actually feature stills from the film La cicatrice interieure by Philippe Garrel, which starred Nico, Garrel and her son Ari Boulogne. 

The cover - and liner notes - was designed by Nigel Weymouth.

A few of the songs from this album were actually included on the soundtrack of La cicatrice interieure

Desertshore was, notably, co-produced by Nico's longtime pal and erstwhile Velvet Underground co-member, the legendary John Cale along with the influential producer Joe Boyd.

Cale also played nigh all the instruments on the album.

All the songs written and composed by Nico.
Featuring innovative avant-garde and neoclassical elements, Desertshore became a hugely influential album - musc like its predecessor, the seminal The Marble Index.

A piece of trivia is that the song "Janitor of Lunacy" was composed by Nico as a tribute to her friend, (and ex lover), the then recently deceased Stones member, Brian Jones.


Janitor Of Lunacy 4:01
The Falconer 5:39
My Only Child 3:27
Le Petit Chevalier 1:12
Abschied 3:02
Afraid 3:27
Mütterlein 4:38
All That Is My Own 3:54

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