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Art of the Cover - Hüsker Dü's "Warehouse: Songs and Stories" (1987)

A gorgeous enigmatic cover adorns the sublime double LP Warehouse: Songs and Stories from 1987 - the sixth and, sadly, the final studio album by the seminal Hüsker Dü.

Photography was by Daniel Corrigan.

Warehouse along with the mighty Candy Apple Grey, showcases the increasing maturity of Mould and Hart's writing.

The LP is also known for its battle between the two songwriters, with Bob Mould famously telling Grant Hart that he would never have more than half of the songs on a Hüsker Dü album.

Things between the Lennon and McCartney of Hardcore, Mould and Hart, was already fractious long before this record but their relationship would soon implode entirely during the tour for "Warehouse: Songs and Stories."


"Ice Cold Ice" - in which Bob Mould rails against "barren lands and barren minds" and Grant Hart falls in on the supercatchy chorus - exemplifies the Hüsker Dü career development that peaks on this final album. 

Without sacrificing the emotional intensity of earlier albums, the Minneapolis trio beefs up the guitar-based melodies and sneaks in pop songcraft in lieu of the old fast-and-loud hardcore style. 

On this 1987 double album, as usual, guitarist Mould supplies the personal songs ("Standing in the Rain"), while drummer Hart remains more broadly political ("Tell You Why Tomorrow").

Their last studio recording really is beautiful, and it really does show the way that Hart and Mould challenged each other to the very end of the band while Norton's bass and presence tried to hold them together. 

This sound is infectious. The assault of guitar and voice is without a doubt the strongest of American rock.


Disc 1

1. These Important Years
2. Charity, Chastity, Prudence, And Hope
3. Standing In The Rain
4. Back From Somewhere
5. Ice Cold Ice
6. You're A Soldier
7. Could You Be The One?
8. Too Much Spice
9. Friend, You've Got To Fall
10. Visionary
11. She Floated Away

Disc 2
12. Bed Of Nails
13. Tell You Why Tomorrow
14. It's Not Peculiar
15. Actual Condition
16. No Reservations
17. Turn It Around
18. She's A Woman (And Now He Is A Man)
19. Up In The Air
20. You Can Live At Home

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