Monday, 2 March 2015

Art of the Cover - Being As An Ocean's "Dear G-d..." (2012)

Some interesting artwork adorns the first full length album by post-hardcore band Being as an Ocean and the first album to chart.

The album freached number 27 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart.


1. "Nothing, Save the Power They're Given" 2:57
2. "Dear G-d" 3:17
3. "The Hardest Part Is Forgetting Those You Swore You Would Never Forget" 5:07
4. "This Loneliness Won't Be the Death of Me" 4:33
5. "The Sea Always Seems to Put Me at Ease" 4:00
6. "Salute e Vita" 4:24
7. "It's Really Not as Complicated as You're Making It Out to Be" 11.14
8. "Humble Servant, Am I" 4:40
9. "This Room Is Alive" 2:57
10. "We Will Never Be the Same" 3:30
11. "If They're Not Counted, Count Me Out" 4:56

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