Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Vintage Vixens - German Go-Go Girls on Swiss TV (1966)

"Go-go girls are girls who love to dance. Who love the music, most of all soul music. And it's a dance of expression, you dance what you feel. We have to get people in the mood, our job is to create an ambiance because most people don't know, they don't know the newest dances. We have to show them the newest dances and dance with the people so that they get in the mood of the environment we are creating. 
The dances come out of America from the blacks, and it's so that they come from America to Amsterdam. Every 2-3 months we go to Amsterdam, check out the new dances, dance with the blacks, and then we bring the dances here. 
To be a go-go girl first you have to feel the music and you have to be able to dance at least fairly well. Your figure has to be pretty good, your looks have to be pretty good, but most of all you have to feel the music. 
You just have to be able to dance and to love dancing. That's the only condition. Go-go girls are paid well. Many girls say, "yeah, go-go girls are paid well, they don't have to work a lot, just hop around a little. we could work as go-go girls too," but it's actually that you have to love dancing. 
We earn a lot. 2-3 times that of an average working father. For some business owners we are too expensive, but then we just have to wait until a venue says, "okay, I'll pay you that much." Many go-go girls say, "okay for only this one time dancing we'll take 30-50Mark," but we haven't started that in Germany. Because of that it's been pretty tough, but we've made it. We started with, and that was in England which really didn't pay well, for an evening we got 150 Marks. 
It's not really a hard job because, you know, we love dancing, you get out of breath, but it's not hard."

thanks to nebulababy for the translation:

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