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Art of the Cover - "Singin' in the Rain OST - 50th-anniversary Deluxe Edition"

What a glorious feeling!

It's probably the greatest musical of all time and, for its 50th anniversary, here's the sublime 2-CD set that dances circles around all previous reissues of this classic score. 

Disc one presents all 18 original tracks from the film, plus seven supplemental tracks, four unreleased! 

Disc two, meanwhile, offers 20 original versions of songs that were updated for the film - eight of 'em unreleased! - like the 1929 version of Singin' in the Rain by Cliff Edwards and Judy Garland's 1940 film version. 

Bonus orchestral tracks and radio broadcasts round out the package. 

What a glorious feeling!

A vibrant tribute to MGM's legendary confluence of brains, talent, hard work, ambition -- and dare we say it? -- massive egos, Singin' in the Rain long ago took its rightful place among the first rank of the studio's dizzying catalog of film musicals. 

This double-disc, 46-track 50th-anniversary edition features all of the film's familiar songs, as well as numerous outtakes and extended versions, many culled directly from the film's original recording masters. 

Its second disc also chronicles the film's clever--if studio imposed--self-referential musical gambit of recycling a slate of Arthur Freed/Nacio Herb Brown songs from Metro's first decade by including 14 of the originals, including performances by Jeanette McDonald, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, and Freed himself. 

Featuring a dozen previously unreleased recordings and an illustrated booklet containing the insightful reminiscences of the film's original writers, Betty Comden and Adolph Green, it's the ultimate musical companion to one of cinema's magical, enduring masterpieces.

Rhino has outdone themselves with this new SINGIN' IN THE RAIN double CD set. They have dramatically improved the sound since the last single CD, and added many tracks that weren't on their first issue. Secondly, someone wisely re-programmed the tracks so that some of the less interesting underscoring cues were moved to a "supplemenary section" on the 2nd disc, so that the listening experience of Disc One is a real treat.

As for the music, it is of course, without peer. You get the great performance from the most beloved movie musical of all time. In addition, Rhino provides the ORIGINAL versions of all the SINGIN' IN THE RAIN songs, including 4 never-before-released tracks from BROADWAY MELODY OF 1936, and an obscure rendition of BEAUTIFUL GIRL sung by someone named Sam Ash (could he be the same guy that owned the music stores???)

In any case, for fans of the movie, this is the quintessential soundtrack album. For MGM musical afficianados, this release is a dream come true. 

by mikeyjs


Disc: 1

1. Main Title/Singin' In The Rain - Gene Kelly
2. Fit As A Fiddle (And Ready For Love) - Gene Kelly
3. Tango (Temptation) - MGM Studio Orchestra
4. All I Do Is Dream Of You - Debbie Reynolds
5. All I Do Is Dream Of You (Outtake) - Gene Kelly
6. Make 'Em Laugh - Donald O'Connor
7. Beautiful Girl Montage - MGM Studio Orchestra & Chorus
8. Beautiful Girl - Jimmie Thompson
9. You Were Meant For Me - Gene Kelly
10. You Are My Lucky Star (Outtake) - Debbie Reynolds
11. Moses - Gene Kelly
12. Good Morning - Gene Kelly
13. Singin' In The Rain - Gene Kelly
14. Would You? - Betty Noyes
15. Broadway Melody Ballet - MGM Studio Orchestra & Chorus
16. Would You? End Title - Gene Kelly
17. Singin' In The Rain (In A-Flat) - Debbie Reynolds
18. Finale - Gene Kelly
19. Main Title (Alternate Version) - MGM Studio Orchestra
20. Beautiful Girl (Alternate Version/Tempo Track) - Gene Kelly
21. Would You? (Unused Version) - Debbie Reynolds
22. Would You (Duet) (Unused Version) - Gene Kelly
23. Beautiful Girl (Unused Original Version) - Jimmie Thompson
24. Singin' In The Rain (Alternate Vocal) - Gene Kelly
25. Should I (Unused Instrumental) - MGM Studio Orchestra
Disc: 2
1. The Broadway Melody - Charles King
2. You Were Meant For Me - Charles King
3. The Wedding Of The Painted Doll - James Burroughs
4. Singin' In The Rain - Cliff Edwards
5. Should I - Charles Kaley
6. Beautiful Girl - Sam Ash
7. All I Do Is Dream Of You - Gene Raymond
8. Broadway Rhythm - Frances Langford
9. I've Got A Feelin' Your Foolin' - Robert Taylor
10. You Are My Lucky Star - Marjorie Lane
11. Would You - Jeanette MacDonald
12. Good Morning - Judy Garland
13. Singin' In The Rain - Judy Garland
14. All I Do Is Dream Of You - Judy Garland
15. Dignity - MGM Studio Orchestra
16. Stunt Montage (Extended Version) - MGM Studio Orchestra
17. First Silent Picture (Extended Version) - MGM Studio Orchestra
18. Have Lunch With Me - MGM Studio Orchestra
19. Dancing On A Rainbow - Arthur Freed
20. Singin' In The Rain (Radio Broadcast) - Arthur Freed
21. Broadway Melody Ballet (Original Version) - Gene Kelly

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