Friday, 5 September 2014

Art of the Cover - Piana's "Ephemeral" (2005)

Beautiful evocative artwork. Gorgeous fragile music.

Naoko Sasaki - aka Piana - has established her name in the ambient music scene worldwide. Naoko’s vocals float dreamlike over cropped percussion, and melodic, digital micro-structures – her voice perfectly suited for telling her subtle stories.

With her MacBook, guitars and her trademark dreamy vocals, Piana’s term of music is loosely defined as a cross between acoustic and glitch-pop. 

Piana started her career in 2000 when she recorded her sweet vocals in World’s End Girlfriend's Ending Story album. 

Since her 2003 solo debut, Piana has released CDs in Japan and the US, toured Europe and Asia, and attracted a brand new fan base of both general audience and industry types.

Artists like The Album Leaf have requested her to open for their Japan tour, and video director, Thomas Hilland, the creator of Norwegian electro-duo Royksopp’s promotional video, was so in love with Piana that he created her promotional video for free.

1 Something Is Lost   6:47
2 Early In Summer   5:55
3 Beside Me     5:16
4 Color Of Breeze 1:08
5 Little Girl Poems 6:17
6 Muse 2:29
7 Mother's Love 5:12
8 Moon And Cello 4:53
9 Beginning 2:24

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