Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Art of the Book - Kenneth Anger's "Hollywood Babylon"

A shot of the demure Jayne Mansfield adorns the infamous "Hollywood Babylon" by controversial avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger !

This shot of Mansfield was infamous even before it was included was the cover to the legendary 1959 tome. 

The photograph was one of a famous series of shots taken in April 1957, at a special dinner party at Romanoff's in Beverly Hills to officially welcome Sophia Loren to Hollywood. 

Ensuring her legendary assets could, erm, "come out to play'", Jayne went to the party wearing (well, almost wearing!) a plunging white dress.

She proceeded to show the twins off in a variety of provocative poses.

Mansfield, of course, succeeded in drawing all the attention away from a very uncomfortable - and angry - Sophia!

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