Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Video - Arctic Monkeys' "Snap Out Of It"

I heard that you fell in love ... or near enough 

It's Arctic Monkeys with their video for "Snap Out Of It", from their most recent album, the excellent AM.

The Snap Out Of It promo was directed by Focus Creeps, who've previously worked with artists as eclectic as KD Lang, Girls, King Krule and Trash Talk.

The vid features actress Stephanie Sigman (star of Miss Bala ... apparently) as a demented dame.

She divides her time between taking swims, moping around the house in a skimpy bra, cooking steak, staring into nothingness .. and watching grainy footage of the Monkeys in the studio. All the while, looking equal parts hot and psychotic, while constantly sobbing madly!

Guess she's broken hearted ... or - like 90% of gals these days - just your common or garden, insane chick.

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