Thursday, 2 June 2016

Art of the Cover - Allman and Woman's "Two The Hard Way" (1977)

A real surreal oddity this. Suitable cover art too .. airblown and unintentionally hilarious!

Not sure what drugs were involved in this enterprise, but I'm sure there was a shitload of 'em!

Two the Hard Way is the fourth 'solo' studio album by Gregg Allman, which was released with wife Cher, back in November 1977. 

The album, billed to "Allman and Woman", was a critical and commercial failure and sold less than 550,000 copies worldwide

The product of the two singers' very unlikely - and very turbulent - relationship and marriage, the album impossibly attempted a musical melding of Allman's trademark Southern Rock with Cher's, erm, idiosyncratic, personality-driven pop. 

The album was, to say the least, not very well-received!

Rating the album as "worthless", the 1979 Rolling Stone Record Guide said ... 
"It's hard to imagine a more inappropriate combination ... It's the bottom of the barrel after a long fall for Gregg, and more of the same for Cher" !

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