Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Video - David J does Britney's ‘Toxic’

I'm slippin' under, with a taste of a poison paradise

David J, Haskins the former bassist of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets, recently releasedhis new Kickstarter-funded solo album An Eclipse of Ships via Bandcamp.

Fans who buy the record get a downloadable bonus track featuring David J doing a “super sleazy” cover of Britney Spears’ 2003 smash single “Toxic.”

And a fine, dark cover it is too. Very sax-xy!

As can be seen below, Haskins has also made an, erm, interesting video for the song, on which he’s backed by Adrian H and the Wounds.

More after the jump [a tad NSFW] ....

The bizarro monochrome promo features the tormented Haskins fleeing through the deserted midnight streets of some industrial area, being pursued by a spectral doppelganger of porn ho Sasha Grey.

All to no avail - he finally ending up trapped between her legs (probably the fourteenth guy that day who ended up like that!)

Yap, a ghoulish Grey plays the “succubus-like predatory super-villainess”, floating around expressionlessly, wearing not much else other than red body paint (i.e. wearing much more than you've ever seen her wear in videos before!)

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