Sunday, 7 September 2014

Art of the Cover - The War on Drugs' "Lost In The Dream" (2014)

Beautiful artwork adorns the excellent third full-length album by Kurt Vile's erstwhile sparring-partner, Philly-based Adam Granduciel.

The album cover features a rather melancholic image of Granduciel positioned in front of a window in his home.

Granduciel commented on how the album's artwork was a reflection of his involvement in the recording process, saying ....
 "This wasn’t a band record. This was a solo record. I knew that. They’ve [War on Drugs' albums] all been solo records."

The beautifully sweeping Lost In The Dream, via Secretly Canadian was written and recorded by Granduciel (Vile was not involved in this LP) over two-plus years in Philadelphia, North Carolina, New York and New Jersey, following almost two years of nonstop touring in support of 2011's Slave Ambient.

Lost In The Dream clearly illustrates of Granduciel's progression and growth as a songwriter, performer, and producer.

One of the albums of the year, no fucking doubt.

"Under the Pressure" - 8:51
"Red Eyes" - 4:58
"Suffering" - 6:00
"An Ocean in Between the Waves" - 7:11
"Disappearing" - 6:49
"Eyes to the Wind" - 5:55
"The Haunting Idle" - 3:08
"Burning" - 5:46
"Lost in the Dream" - 4:08
"In Reverse" - 7:41

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