Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Song - The War on Drugs "Eyes to the Wind"

have you fixed your eyes to the wind - will you let it pull you in again?

Kurt Vile's bestest buddy, Philly troubadour Adam Granduciel in War on Drugs guise. Hurrah!

I've no idea what Dylan-esque means but the ghost of his Bobness prowls and growls amidst this beautiful piece of Americana that perfectly showcases the maturity in Granduciel's songwriting. 

Yap, it's 'Eyes To The Wind'; a poetic, mini-epic, existentialist ("there's just a stranger living in me") rumination on returning home "like a train in reverse down a dark road". The potent bittersweet-ness of absorbing all those damned ch-ch-ch-changes and ultimately having to "pull away again".

"Eyes to the Wind" is but one highlight on the excellent and eclectic Lost in the Dream LP from a few moons back.

Here's a lovely live version of "Eyes to the Wind"by Adam and pals, recorded recently at WFUV.

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