Monday, 2 December 2013

The Music - Pixies Live At BBC 2013 (Full Show)

Pixies In Concert - New York, NY

 But hey, where have you been?

Frank and the lads and Kim (of the Shattuck variety!) belt out a few tracks that may be familiar to some!

A full (60-minute plus) gig  recorded for BBC 3 at BBC's Media Vale Studios in September 2013, plus a dissected interview with Black Francis.

Yap, some stone-cold mother-fucken classics here ... plus a few new gems - the single Bagboy as well as Indie Cindy and What Goes Boom (from the recent fine EP1.)

Included too is a mighty cover of Neil Young's under-rated Tonight's The Night outtake Winterlong (which they recorded for the Young tribute album The Bridge back in 1989, and which is available on the great collection of rarities, Complete 'B' Sides.)


Bone Machine
Break My Body
Monkey Gone to Heaven
I've Been Tired
Indie Cindy
Gouge Away
Mr. Grieves
Another Toe in the Ocean
What Goes Boom
Isla de Encanta
Winterlong (Neil Young cover)
Here Comes Your Man
Where Is My Mind?

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