Friday, 5 September 2014

The Video - The White Buffalo's "Don’t You Want It" (2013)

Seems like a lifetime ago since my fall from grace

The White Buffalo is the handle of vocalist and guitarist Jake Smith, backed by drummer Matt Lynott and bassist Tommy Andrews.

Smith's fine 2013 opus, Shadows, Greys & Evil Ways, is a concept album of sorts that follows the story of a character named Joseph White - an Old Western prototype of Odysseus - and his relationship with a woman named Jolene.

White’s a small town outsider who goes to war and returns home only to find more violence as he struggles to readjust to a now alien life away from the front lines and reconcile with the girl he left behind. 

The wonderful first single from the LP is Don’t You Want It; a soulful song in the truest sense.

An evocative, poetic, multi-faceted song of darkness, pain, longing and torturous love ("woman, without you there is no me").

A tale of a troubled character ("I'm still that dastardly boy through a sea of grace") from a difficult familial background ("father, well I still don't know who failed who, but we've got the same bitter blood running through our veins"). A man who, after suffering a severe "fall from grace", is filled with longing for better times; for a chance for redemption .... the first of Spring to make us all new again.

A guy who concludes "the only thing really is love in this crooked world."

A song ultimately though of optimism and hope; a step towards a better future ... "here comes the morning sun; puts it's arms around everyone. Can you feel it?

Featuring some wonderful dance footage from filmmaker David Hoffman's Bluegrass Roots, and displaying a nice sense of humour that counterpoints the darkness of the song, here's the great performance based, video .

The video was directed by Pete Macomber .

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