Friday, 5 September 2014

The Video - Catherine Wheel's "The Nude" (1993)

Far from living, I can see the nude that broke my heart.

Man, this is truly a blast from the past.

Yap, it's Catherine Wheel, a band I really liked back in the day; a very underrated group that released a lot of magical singles, and some wonderful albums, but never achieved the commercial breakthrough they deserved.

Speaking of magical singles, here's 1993's "The Nude".
Featuring some killer riffs, it's a delicious, addictive piece of indie guitar / shoegaze/ power pop.
A song touching upon the vapid delusion of appearances; the soulless search for so-called "perfection" and the 'fantasy girl'. The madness of seeking something which can never be found ('phantom seeking') - the addictive ("this feeling of naked lust; this feeling I love so much") yet crushing longing for a non-existent thing.
This should be the theme tune to "Hello Ladies"!

"The Nude" appeared on the Yarmouth boys' fine second album "Chrome", produced by Pixies compadre Gil Norton.

And the video's a rather fetching (and tad fetishistic!) thing of beauty too.

Yap, an exploration of the joys of smearing of wet clay across the torsos of topless stunners. My favourite hobby, as it happens!

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