Friday, 5 September 2014

The Song - Lord Sundance's "Pretty Lord Sundance Pt 1"

I'm a pretty man - I'm doing the best I can to keep in shape and make the little girls go ape.

A rather unique and magnificent piece of music genius/madness here!

Beginning with the line "now let me kisshh myself", it's the enigmatic Lord Sundance doing a croaking Sean Connery doing deluded gigolo doing mental patient doing a madcap piece of proto rap, braggadocio! 

Yap, with mighty chest and voice so mellow, this mighty potentate is irresistible - even prettier than Cassius Clay. His beauty puts all them women in a trance and makes them go ape!

And he can't help it if he's a purdy man!

This piece of R&B Sleaze was - replete, of course, with "Pretty Lord Sundance Pt 2" on the flip side - released on Triode records.

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