Friday, 10 October 2014

Art of the Book - Ben Vendetta’s ‘Wivenhoe Park’

"Wivenhoe Park wrenched me back to a mid-80s Britain where punk was dead and alternative/goth ruled. If birds, booze and Bunnymen are your thing, as they are mine, then dust off your Sisters of Mercy LPs, squeeze into your Meat Is Murder t-shirt and enjoy the ride."

-Dave Hawes (Catherine Wheel) 

Longtime music journalist Ben Vendetta, founder of Elephant Stone Records, has just published his debut work of fiction, a novel called “Wivenhoe Park” that’s set in the mid-’80s and follows an American Anglophile who relocates to the U.K. as the indie/post-punk scene thanks to the rise of bands like The Smiths, The Jesus and Mary Chain and more.

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