Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Music - Kings of Archness: Colbert does Morrissey

"What about (eating) a cow that's been sentenced to death for murder ... or a pig that commits suicide from listening to too many of your songs?"

Lover of all things royalist - and steak related - Mr. S.P. Morrissey dropped in to the Colbert Report a few days back ... Yeah, he's hawking his new autobiography called, erm, Autobiography.

As stereogum put it ...The combination of Stephen Colbert and Morrissey is such a stark, extreme contrast between two very different forms of archness that I’m surprised the universe didn’t find some incredibly withering way to explode when the two of them sat down across from each other.

Predictably, Morrissey took quite a few pre-crafted, one-liner, 'body blows'! (well, it's easy to antagonise Mozza -  just pick a few things he truly despises ... and. oh yeah, mention that Johnny Marr is backstage!) ... Oddly, Colbert didn't try to draw out any sound bytes on the recently deceased Margaret Thatcher.

Mozza took it all with good humour though, getting a few nice quips in, himself. And you gotta love all those great trademark reaction shots!

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