Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Video - The Turtles' "Happy Together"

If I should call you up, invest a dime and you say you belong to me and ease my mind, imagine how the world could be; so very fine - so happy together.

It's been years since I heard this, but I still love the hell out of this song; an exuberant piece of art that sounds just as fresh today as it did all those donkey's (or turtle's) years ago.

Yap. it's the mighty slice of sixties pop - the gorgeous, life-affirming "Happy Together" - from back in 1967. The classic that became the signature song - the only chart-topper - of the highly underestimated Turtles.

Of Dylanesque lyrical complexity it may not be, but, focussed on the simple yet intensely effective chorus lines "I can’t see me lovin’ nobody but you for all my life". it's a supremely evocative song of the exuberance of new love, sumptuously swathed in waves of delectable melody, delicious instrumentation and delightful Brian Jones style harmonies.

The oft covered song - which is in the Top Fifty of most-performed US songs of the 20th century - was actually written by Garry Bonner and Alan Gordon, former members of a band known as The Magicians.

Before being offered to The Turtles, the song had been touted around to so many bands - and been, bizarrely, rejected by all of 'em (fucking morons!) - that the demo acetate was worn out!

And here's a wonderful, light-hearted, proto-video knocked up for "Happy Together" at a cost of probably five bucks.

Exactly what a modern-day so-called "ironic post-modern" pastiche of a sixties proto-video - at a cost of probably five hundred grand -  would look like!

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