Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Video - Nouvelle Vague's "Dance With Me"

Love can be like bondage. Seduce me once again.

Yap, from Nouvelle Vague's wonderful sophomore LP Bande à Part in 2006, it's the sublime, sumptuous, sultry version of "Dance With Me".

A song with a gorgeous opening - one clearly admired so much by Johnny Marr, that he ripped it off shamelessly for “New Town Velocity” on his fine recent solo album The Messenger!

The original "Dance With Me" was a bizarre slice of Eighties electro-goth-punk; a single from the "Is Nothing Sacred?" LP  by Stiv Bators and pals in post-punk supergroup The Lords of the New Church, back in 1983.

And here's the best video in the world ever (although, it seems the band did not get permission from Gaumont Production Company to 'borrow' the clip!) - a sublime piece that takes as classic Jean Luc Godard scene and makes it even better.

Yap, it's one of JLG’s most memorable set pieces; the cool as fuck Madison dance sequence from 1964's mighty, erm ... nouvelle vague gem, called erm ... "Band à Part", featuring glorious goddess Anna Karina.

In the audacious, oddball, romantic, frenetic, melancholy (another 100 effusive adjectives could easily be added!) crime caper "Band à Part", two anti-social young hipster laddos (Sami Frey and Claude Brasseur) enlist the object of both of their fancies (awesone Anna) to help them commit a robbery ... in her own home. Much adventuring - and dancing - ensues!

The sublime imagery in this famous sequence meshes magnificently with the band's fantastic cover version.

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