Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Telly Totty - Countdown's Ravishing Rachel Riley Shows Off Arse


Another highlight from the mighty Countdown show  - so beloved of grannies, stoners, college dropouts and basement-inhabiting nerds!

Yap, curvaceous cutie Ravishing Rachel was placing together some random consonantic (a real word!) and vowelitic (a real word!) letters when - much to the amusement of Riley herself and the studio audience - she spelled out a rather unfortunate four-lettered word.

No, not the C-word! ... A far far nicer one!


Even more amazingly, the next four letters she randomly picked were .... H .... O .... L ....E .... S!

.... Nah, unfortunately not!

Anyway, best make the most of it - it's sadly the closest we'll ever get to seeing Rachel's arse.

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