Saturday, 7 September 2013

Bad Day In The Office - Thai Senator Caught Peeking At Sexy Photos In Parliament

This guy was apparently only looking at a naughty pic of "his niece" when caught in the act (pic above).... so that's just fine, then!

Senator Caught Peeking At Sexy Photos In Parliament
07 Sept 2013

BANGKOK: -- A Senator has been caught looking at photos of a woman posing naked on his iPhone during a parliamentary session.

The photo touched a storm of criticism when it was posted on the Thai social network.

The Senator was later identified as Mr. Pinyo Sai-Nui, a representative of Krabi Province. He initially said he was not entirely sure he was the man in the photo, but later admitted looking at his iPhone during the meeting.

"But I was looking at my nephew′s pictures" Mr. Pinyo explained (However, ASTV Manager quoted him as saying it was his niece).

He then announced that he would clarify about the matter in a press conference. The event was later postponed "indefinitely".

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