Saturday, 7 September 2013

Bad Day In The Office - Norn Iron Footy Kicker Humiliated by Cristiano Ronaldo

Norn Iron's Steven Davis here is likely not only ruing ever trying to become a footy kicker, but wishing the ground would open up and swallow him (even if it did open up, Davis would likely miss the thing!) after been made to look like a imbecilic toddler during last night's World Cup game with Portugal - a home match, no less.

The guy, apparently, was still suffering from dizziness 30 minutes later - so much so, he had to receive medical attention!

Yap, here's yet another fine display of cocky individual skill from Mr Ronaldo, which includes a sideways nutmeg on a floundering headless Davis.

The Irish did give Ronaldo and Co. a brief scare though, until the great man himself bagged a second-half hat-trick .... as you do!


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