Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Art of the Cover - The Cure's "Pornography" (1982)


Something small falls out of your mouth, and we laugh. A prayer for something better. But it gets only worse.

Some vivid, eerie, bloody blurry messed up artwork - with the band portrayed as some dangerous, demented, horror characters hellbent on causing some serious damage - appropriately enough, graces this messed up, bleak, existential and beautifully dark, drug-fuelled collection; a critical album in terms of the band's continued existence - and a major turning point in the band's music direction and career.

Robert Smith has said, regarding the album's conception,
"I had two choices at the time, which were either completely giving in (committing suicide) or making a record of it and getting it out of me".
He also claims he "really thought that was it for the group. I had every intention of signing off. I wanted to make the ultimate 'fuck off' record, and then sign off". 

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