Thursday, 12 September 2013

Art Of The Book - Morrissey’s “Autobiography”

Morrissey’s long-in-the-works autobiography — titled, appropriately, “Autobiography” — was set to be published next week, but the singer claims a last-minute and heretofore unexplained “content disagreement” with Penguin Classics “has caused the venture to collapse,” leaving the former Smiths frontman in search of a new publisher.

Morrissey revealed the news, and the scuttled book’s planned cover, via a statement to quasi-official fansite True To You. No further details of the memoir, the publication of which had not actually been officially announced, were offered.

Morrissey’s full statement:
Although Morrissey’s Autobiography was set to be available throughout the UK on September 16th, a last-minute content disagreement between Penguin Books and Morrissey has caused the venture to collapse. No review copies were printed, and Morrissey is now in search of a new publisher.

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