Friday, 4 October 2013

The Video - Badly Drawn Boy's "Promises"

Just promise you will remember that promises last forever; still after the last dying embers of a fire that burns so slowly.

From a few moons back, here's a scruffy and somewhat troubled English chap singing "Promises"; a tale of a tragic, torturous relationship.

By a certain poorly depicted lad, it's beautiful, evocative, duende-laden ("it's a beautiful thing to do; sometimes you just have to walk away") and, by  BDB's standards,  'mature', love song, with a real killer chorus. One that cuts it close, but just manages to stay very much on the right side of a typical Coldplay (ewww!) ballad.

This came up on the shuffley thingy on my ipad thingamajig today and I was surprised to realise I actually quite like this ditty - well, at least, far more now than I did when the dumbly titled "Born In The UK" LP came out (a thing I played about thrice at most).

Thus the obligatory digging out of the vid - which I'd never seen - from shitetube. And, apparently, this is it.

A quite restrained and decent vid, actually. Well, except for the fact Gough is still wearing, atop his noggin, that same fucking stupid teapot-warmer he used to wear during that brief period when I was a big fan - yeah, back in the days of those fine early EPs that promised so much; the days before his debut album! Days from I can't really remember when; so many fucking years ago now that I want to cry!

And I admit now I was once wrong about this ditty, and I know now for sure it is actually good, because my baby daughter - who's the real judge of good music in the family - couldn't get enough of the thing when she heard it on my internet thingy today! As a downside though, she's asking me for one of those stupid teapot-warmer things!

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