Friday, 9 August 2013

The Name - Okey Dokey it's Kōki Idoki

The best thing I remember from the short time tuned into the rather dull first round of the PGA Championship yesterday was hearing the name Kōki Idoki chanted out a few times!

Kudos to the commentators for not giggling!

Yap, it's the wonderfully named - and clearly talented - Japanese golfer Kōki Idoki (pronounced KO-KEE EYE-DOE-KEE) - a 51 year old guy who played his whole career on his home golf circuit until winning the 2013 Senior PGA Championship in May, on his very first attempt at playing professionally in the United States. 

Nice work, Kōki Idoki! .... Oh, and nice mullet,Kōki Idoki, too!

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