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Art of the Cover - Nancy Sinatra's "How Does That Grab You?" (1966)

"How Does That Grab You?" asks Nancy. "It grabs us good", says all the people.

Nancy purrs her way in a variety of styles through a collection of eleven ice-cool tracks (with 'lovely tunes and marvy melodies'!) on this, her second album, produced by some guy called Lee Hazlewood.

The artwork was was shot and designed by Ed Thrasher.

I'm not sure who wrote the bizarre and woozy, druggy stream-of-conciousness summary paragraph found on the back cover! Probably Willy Burroughs! ... Yes, all of these songs like to mess with your head forevermore !

And the cover indeed grabs us good!

Again - like her debut LP "Boots!" - we get a a rather minimalist image of a hot Nancy clad in sweater and sexy boots!

And Nancy looks great here ... as always! Yap, even in that big wooly sweater!And we find that these boots were made for walking on album covers!

Nance looks pretty good on the cleavage-tastic back cover too!


Sinatra sounds great throughout the album too; especially on songs like the snappy "Sorry 'Bout That," the standard "The Shadow Of Your Smile" (which has since been covered by everybody and their dog!) and the Hazlewood duet "Sand."


The album was completely remastered in 1995, with four bonus cuts added, for good measure.


1. Not The Lovin' Kind
2. The Shadow Of Your Smile
3. Sorry 'Bout That
4. Time
5. Sand
6. Crying Time
7. My Baby Cried All Night Long
8. Let It Be Me
9. Call Me
10. How Does That Grab You, Darlin'?
11. Bang, Bang

Bonus Tracks:

12. The Last Of The Secret Agents
13. Until It's Time For You To Go
14. Lightning's Girl
15. Feelin' Kinda Sunday

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