Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Video - Ciccone Youth's "Addicted To Love"

You can't be saved; oblivion is all you crave.

This really brings back some memories! Man, really I played the shit out of a cassette version of the wonderful, knowing, ironic, witty Whitey album back when I was a kiddo.

And therefrom, here's a great cover version from the then Queen Of Indie Rock Hotness Kim Gordon, all dolled up in proto grunge garb - replete with Black Flag ear-rings, no less (that's cred in my book!)

Here she confronts the beast that is Michael Douglas' favourite ditty; Robert Palmer's over-wrought, ode to sexaholics/ nymphos "Addicted To Love" (a thing best remembered - by me anyway! - for having one of the hottest vids of the 80s ... leggy-robotic-hotty-tastic, indeed!) which was a super smash hit everywhere in the universe in 1986.

It's actually a song that's got a few nice lyrical flourishes, somewhat blighted by the over-production on the original. Aside from the masterful, terse, nihilistic /existential, distillation; "You can't be saved; oblivion is all you crave." there's stuff like "You see the signs, but you can't read. You're running at a different speed. Your heart beats in double time."

Gordon's very, erm ... idiosyncratic (is crowy a word?), erm ... singing (a thing that makes her then hubby Thurston Moore - not exactly renowned for his singing timbre - sound like Caruso!) helps salvage the song somewhat

It actually reminds me a bit of Bill Murray's equally idiosyncratic, and oddly moving (though all too brief) rendition of Roxy's/Ferry's "More Than This" in Lost In Translation. And .. ta-da! ... apparently, Kim's high-tech, melodious vocals here were too laid down in a karaoke booth!

The wonderful, somewhat high-concept vid - which basically features a scantily clad Kimmy (which is fine in my book!) gyrating in front of totally incongruous Vietnam war images - was directed by Her Kimness herself and was apparently shot in Macy's department store in NYC. That's more post-modern irony fer ya!

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