Monday, 8 July 2013

The Song - Jimmy Dawkins' "She Got The Blues Too"

A gorgeous raw slice of the blues belted out beautifully by the late Chicago Bluesman Jimmy "Fast Fingers" Dawkins.

Sadly, Jimmy passed away a few weeks back, aged 76.  May he rest in eternal peace.

"She Got The Blues Too" appeared on Jimmy's pun-tastic Blisterstring LP released in 1976 on Delmark Records.

It's the tale of a broken-hearted ("here I am singing the blues, doing the best I can"), penniless ("when it come to money, that's another fine thing I have none") troubled, troubadour who's financial-driven need to be continuously on the road has caused his one true love to up and leave him ("I lost the only woman I ever loved ....")

All that gives him enjoyment now is playing his six-string ("I'm gonna play my guitar; every time I pick it up you know I have a little fun.")

It's a real interesting and quite unusual song from the genre. Though dealing with quite common Blues themes (things like having to live hand to mouth on 'the wrong side of the tracks', while also enduring the other shit life throws at you; pain, heartbreak, loss of love etc.) it does so in an idiosyncratic, highly introspective manner. The protagonist has clearly long mulled over his dire dilemma but, unusually, has come to comprehend - and admit to himself - how exactly he got into this situation. He understands and accepts his plight and does not irrationally cast the blame at someone else's door. He bears no ill-will to his erstwhile love; that special woman now far gone.

He holds no malice ("she have the right to have another man - I can't blame her; I don't want to.") He accepts that "nobody understands a blues guitar player" ... least of all a woman. He realises the level of pain and heartbreak she too must have suffered to cause her to leave ....  "I guess she got the Blues too."

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