Thursday, 11 September 2014

Art of the Cover - Gallon Drunk's "Tonite - The Singles Bar"


A retro-tastic, busty Betty-Page-esque babe in a jaguar costume straddling a tom-tom drum below a cherry-blossom tree, in front of Mout Fuji? ... Yap, makes complete sense!

Some great music in here from the wonderful Gallon Drunk - a British band that released a shitload of sublime LPs and singles down the years.

Released through Clawfist, "Tonite - The Singles Bar" contains several of the band's early singles dating back to 1988.

However, despite being proclaimed one of the greatest groups around by the Bard of Manchester - Steven Morrissey, himself - Gallon Drunk's music remains, sadly, much neglected.

Gallon Drunk had a sensibility that was somewhere between The Cramps, Tom Waits, The Stooges and Elvis with a wash of vintage vibes and keys. Loud squawking organ drones, drunken, clumsy arrangements that seem like they are on the verge of collapsing at any moment. This is raw rawk n' roll baby, and a great introduction to one of Morrissey's favorite bands from back in the early 90's. Two cool covers; "Miserlou", the surf meets grind standard, led by an evil tremoloed guitar and "Ruby" by the Silver Apples, rock harder than the originals. "Draggin along", "May the Earth Open Here", and "Please Give me Something" showcase their coolest early singles and the epitome of Gallon Drunk's haunted sound. This is dance music for rockabillies, grinders and gazers. I actually saw them open for the Morrissey back on his "Your Arsenal" tour, and their sonic theatrics blew me away. Cool. for serious classy rawkers! 
by loctgruv 


1. The Last Gasp (Safty)
2. Rolling Home
3. Snakepit
4. Miserlou
5. Ruby
6. Dragging Along
7. May The Earth Open Here
8. Please Give Me Something
9. The Whirlpool
10. Gallon Drunk

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