Saturday, 22 June 2013

Art of the LP - Teenage Fanclub's "Bandwagonesque" (1991)

Designed by Sharon Fitzgerald., here's the wonderful, simple, bullshit-free and very effective pop-art style cover to The Fannies' big moment in the burning sun, the Bandwagonesque album released on Creation records, all those years ago.

The filthy lucre theme in the art - like the album title itself, in fact - seems a tongue in cheek riposte by the band to the massive overhype they and their then impending LP were receiving from seemingly every single British (and many yankee) muzak mag over an extended period leading up to the album's release.


There's actually a bizarre tale attached to the cover too. Yap, when douchebag son of Nimrod, Gene Simmons - who, very bizarrely, had trademarked the logo of a moneybag with a dollar symbol (wait a goddang minute ... I've seen that symbol in a billion old cartoon shows! ... Bugs fucking Bunny should rightly own the trademark on that!) - was made aware of the record's artwork, he sent a letter to Geffen Records demanding a fistful of filthy lucre!

According to Simmons's silly tome Sex Money Kiss, Geffen gave in to legal threats and eventually sent him a big fucking cheque! .. Well, I guess he'll be able to cash that thing in whatever circle of hell the scumbag eventually falls into!


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