Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Music - Morrissey belts out ‘Action Is My Middle Name’ on Letterman Show

Could I interest you in hours of fun? 

With his rescheduled two-month U.S. tour kicking off this week in Long Island, Mozza parachuted (along with an excellent band ... 'twas a big chute!) into “The Late Show with David Letterman” Tuesday night to knock out the yet unreleased “Action Is My Middle Name.”

'Action Is My Middle Name’ is a passionate paean to poisonous passion that was first heard on the Beeb's Janice Long show back in June 2011. Sounding like something that slithered out of 'Viva Hate', it's a typically dark and humorous Morrisey belter. With lines like "Everyone has a date with an undertaker; a date they cannot break", 'tis a rather wonderful jolly ditty indeed.

All replete with a few trademark 'tra la la" lines and, of course, a feral, lupine howl at the end!

The song was actually inspired by Mozza's debut film role in Expendables 3, hitting all bad theatres sometime this Summer. That and, with the undisturbing fangtastic opening line "Biting my initials into your neck", his inexplicable love for the cretinous crock that is True Blood .

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